Artists Selected for the Kitchen Sink Show

Alejo Salcedo

Amy Fitzgerald

Angelique L. Emile

Ashley Jones

Billy Hawkins

Brenda Hernandez

Chad Beroth*

Charles Hildebrandt

Charles Murcock

Chris Austin

Dalia Pica / Lola’s Locas

Dennis Wells

Dual at Dawn

Elizabeth Shanahan

Eric Isbanioly

Ernest W.X. Bell

Francisco Gonzalez

Hannah Reed

Jack Hernon*

Jennifer Wynn O’Kelly*

Jessica Webb

Jessie Rae Perkins

Josh LeFever

Justin R. Poe

Katharyn Valier

Kelly L. Taylor*

Kendall Doub

Krista Culpepper

Kyla Glover

Laura C. Frazier

Les III*

Lye Lawrence

Madalyn Wofford

Maggie Snoke

Mary Beth Boone

Morganne Radziewicz

Nicolette Yates

Perviz Heyat

Samantha Saatzer

Sarah Kelly

The Patrick Harris*

Tim Walters

Must be present to vote, so come see us during Regular business hours or during a special event!

Quite a few people had a hard time with the "just drawings" limitation of our January drawing show, so to give people an opportunity to show a broader range of work, we scrapped our original February show idea at Delurk to give you a show with a broader theme. So broad in fact, that there's no theme at all! We considered calling the show "everything but the kitchen sink", but then we thought about it, and decided... ehh.. you can even submit your kitchen sink if you want! 

Kitchen Sink Selections

Another exciting element to this show is the "People's Choice" Award. We are letting you, our guests and patrons vote for your favorite artist. The artist (*not open to Delurk Collective Members) with the most votes wins a Solo Show at Delurk Gallery.  So cast a meaningful vote this primary season and support opportunity for artists in our community.