- The 4th annual "The KITCHEN SINK" show is happening -

July 2019 at Delurk! 

If you’d like to submit art, all the fun facts are below.

Feel free to share with anyone you feel may be interested. Thanks! 🙂


• There is NO submission fee to enter.
• Delurk Gallery retains 40% commission from all works sold.

Show Title:

• “Anything but the Kitchen Sink”

Accepted Mediums:

Age Requirements:
• There are no age restrictions. Anyone of any age can submit work for consideration.

Size Constraints:
• Art must fit through our door at Delurk.
• Art must be 8 feet or less at it's longest dimension to fit on our walls.

Submission Requirements:
• 2D work: all 2D work must be wired and/or ready to hang (no sawtooth hangers, please).
• 3D work: all 3D works must either be freestanding, it must come with it's own pedestal, wall mount, and/or display stand, or it must fit on one of Delurk's display stands (please include applicable display and size information in submission). 
• Video: all applicable video equipment and monitors must be provided by the artist.

How Many Pieces To Submit:
• You may submit up to 5 entries for consideration (the show is juried by Delurk's exhibitions committee, and not all work is guaranteed to show).

How To Submit: 
• Please submit all entries to:
• Email Subject: "The KITCHEN SINK"
• Please include in the body of the email: 
• a) digital images of submitted work.
• b) label information for each submitted piece:
• Label information should include:
- artist name
- title
- dimensions, HxW (xD if 3D)
- medium
- price
• Please make sure to save the image with a title that coincides with the listed label information so we know which piece goes with which title. 

Deadline to Submit:
• Digital submissions will be accepted anytime between now and June 15, 2019.

Notification of Selected Works: 
• Artists will be notified via email by June 22, 2019 of all accepted works.

Deadline for Delivery of Accepted Works:

Opening Reception:
• Friday, July 5, 2019, 7-10pm

Show duration: 
• July 5 - July 28, 2019

Gallery hours:
• 12-6pm Tues-Sat, 12-4 Sunday

Check for updates and more information.

Thanks, everyone! And good luck!! 😉

Delurk Exhibitions Committee