October 2018 at Delurk Gallery

Alien Landscapes of Tracy Lindenthal and a Special Selection from the artists of the Electric Pyramid bring you a feast for the senses along with selected works from the Delurk Collective.

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Tracy Lindenthal - Alien Landscapes

Born and raised in Middle Georgia and having lived in both South Central L.A. and Winston-Salem N.C., Tracy Lindenthal has infused her experiences from both rural and city lifestyles into her work to provide a unique cultural variety of works. She has been creating art from ever since she can remember as both a contributing artist in the community as well as for her own personal self. Tracy’s work ranges in scope from large scale acrylic Space funk Afro Goddess paintings to deep underwater sea creatures to beyond space alien landscapes to create her own worlds with which to take the viewer on an intense visual journey through many different and complex inner worlds. Although the bulk of Tracy’s work remains heavily emerged in acrylic paint, Tracy also likes to incorporate other mediums with which to embellish and stylize her diverse body of work. Tracy believes that everyone has the ability to enjoy and appreciate art on many different levels for many different reasons and hopes that her works in some way help to contribute to this ongoing artistic endeavor to address various issues, both cultural and personal (etc.), and assist in bridging the many gaps that separate us as people as a whole through art. 


Electric Pyramid

Founded in 2014, Electric Pyramid Studios is home to 13 artists and their creative studio spaces. With views of many new downtown developments from our historic building on Patterson Avenue, the studio offers a unique glimpse into past and future eras of Winston-Salem.

Built originally as a funeral home using bricks made by George S. Black, the building later housed the Pyramid Barber College. Now there's a long-arm quilting machine in the embalming room and a 6-foot tall stuffed robot in the stairwell. In the past four years, Electric Pyramid has been home to painters, quilters, graphic designers, sculptors, and small businesses.

We are delighted to bring audiences a sampling of the magic that happens inside this unassuming building in the north east corner of Downtown Winston-Salem.

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John D. Gall

Chad Beroth

Jack Hernon

Dane Walters

Jennifer Wynn O’Kelly

Laura Lashley

Dennis Wells