Atavism ~ Ian Miller

Power Lines -  Ian Miller

Power Lines - Ian Miller

Atavism - The recurrence in an organism of a trait or character typical of an ancestral form and usually due to genetic recombination.

A Curious Anthropology ~ Zephren Hans Turner

Genetic Adam - Zephren Hans Turner

Genetic Adam - Zephren Hans Turner

Artist Statement

"My work closely revolves around my long standing love affair with science and nature. The concepts in my art are departures from fascination generated by scientific discovery and the time I spend outdoors. The work is purely from my point of view, I do not illustrate specific events and I can’t avoid interjecting my personal compass. Preferring symbolic and metaphoric imagery, I create mostly through combination. I enjoy integrating ideas from seemingly separate spheres in a way that reveals a hidden connection or alters the meaning.  I seek to thoughtfully, challenge the viewer, to make them think, and poke at those who try to ignore the quiet truths I find so comforting."

A Stitch In Time Saves Nine: An Assemblage Exhibit ~ Page Turner

Headmistress Harpie -  Page Turner

Headmistress Harpie - Page Turner

Artist Statement

"My delicate sculptures are sewn and constructed entirely by hand, using heirlooms, preserved animal parts, domestic tools, and sacred objects. My work honors the high art of domestic skills and is a reflection of femininity. Each sculpture in my series A Stitch in Time Saves Nine is a totem of a specific woman who helped to forge my identity.
As a child, I was steeped in Mormon culture and taught by elders who strongly defined and enforced gender roles and responsibilities. These sisters emphasized domestic skills and traditions to ensure my proper education. While under the sisters’ tutelage, I discovered the sacredness of personal objects and how they truly reflect our identity as women.
I have always been bewitched by what is kept and saved, and by objects that are perceived to have little to no value. I am attuned especially to objects and tools that women have owned or own, such as material remnants, and the everyday mementos that someone saves—sentimental objects, trifles, trinkets, and sundries."

Also available this month, selected works by Delurk Collective Members.