The Self Show Show, is an open call show featuring works from juried submissions, chosen by Delurk's exhibitions committee. There will also be select works by Delurk Collective artists on display. The “Self Show Show” is NOT a “self portrait show”, but rather a show of work that participating artists felt represents or expresses them as a person or as an artist.

Show Runs: Friday, February 7, 2014 – Sunday, March 2, 2014.

Self Show Show – Open Call Juried Competition Selections
Aaron Gibbons: Link
Aaron Kraten: Tinfoil
Aaron Kraten: Winged Mod v2
Adam Hill: Hold
Ambiorix Santos: Puertas
Bryce Hauser: Meld
Corey Wingate: A Desk Job
David M. Kessler: Carolina Bound
Dennis Wells: Primary Medium
Donald Beroth: The Flowers on My Mind
Donald Beroth: The Noise Outside
Donald Beroth: Paint the Gazebo
Emily Clare: Belly Button Revisited 1
Emily Clare: Belly Button Revisited 2
Ginger Birdsey: Looking for Home
Hanna Trussler: A Moment
Hanna Trussler: Forgotten Words
Harry-Swartz-Turfle: Coupling
Harry-Swartz-Turfle: Dingleberry
Jack Hernon: Zip Bang
Jessie Perkins: En Bleu
Jessie Perkins: En Rose
John D. Gall: Seekers Make a Totem Pole
John D. Gall: Advanced Technology
John D. Gall: Knowledge Seeker Confronting a Manbird
John D. Gall: Formal Portrait of a Knowledge Seeker
Joseph McNally: Lake Ronkonkoma
Joseph McNally: Central Park
Joseph McNally: Mikey #2
Karen Frazer: It Fell to Earth
Kate Magruder Lambeth: Blocked Chi
Kelly Olshan: Untitled 1
Kent Boggs: KB1
Kimberly LaBroad: Red Crumbs
Kristin Crawford: The Guardian
MALO: El Che
Manoj Marathe: Summer Reflection
Marla George: Teeth Pot
Mary Katherine Donovan: The Pine Cove Inn
Michelle Curry: Lotus
Page Turner: Tiny Toes
Rebekah Kates: Downtown Wall
Rebekah Kates: Service Station No. 1
Robert Page: Massey’s Day Out
Robert Page: At the Opera
Robert Page: Mr. Cartwright Takes A Stroll by the Shore
Robert Page: Learning to Swim
Sarah Kelly: Blind Leading the Blind, Galisteo
Scott Partridge: Thing Head
Stephen Scott: Together We Stand
Tim Sheaffer: Reflections of Charlotte 1
Will Parham: Bound by What I Love
Zephren Turner: Space Monkey