February 2019 Juried Show


“Show title: EIDOLON
ei·do·lon [īˈdōlən] 
NOUN* a specter or phantom. a spirit.”


77 works by 48 artists

For being such a short month, there’s a lot going on in February. From Presidents Day, to Black History Month, to Groundhog Day, and Valentines Day, to all the important historical figure’s birthdays; like George Washington, Abe Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and Rosa Parks. It’s a pretty packed month. It’s also National American Heart Disease awareness month. Eating Disorder Awareness week is in February, as is National Condom Week and National Cancer Day. (We give heart disease a month, condoms a week, and cancer a day. And we wonder why we haven’t cured cancer yet?) A lot of important people died in February also, like Malcolm X, Sid Vicious, and Andy Warhol to name a few.

Anyway, the point is, it’s an odd month where we celebrate and recognize several historical births and deaths, black history, love and affection, heart disease, a groundhog’s shadow and condoms. So what better way for Delurk to celebrate February than with a show about love, hope, life, death, rodents, prophylactics, spirit... and spirits? EIDOLONS! Which incidentally not only means spirits or phantoms, but also means idealized people or things.

A weird word for a weird month.

On that note; “Eidolon” is the show!