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June Gallery Hop - Les III + Alexandra Loesser

  • Delurk Gallery 207 W 6th St Winston-Salem, NC, 27101 United States (map)

Les III ~ Looking Up

"Disco clouds serve as thought provoking atmosphere for us to get our act together, move forward and keep 'Looking Up'". - Les Caison III

In all of his works Les Caison III adds a little something something.   Yeah, that word is repeated twice.  That's my point; Les puts just a touch more in his art than you'd expect.  Whether you choose to see it or not, it's there.  Maybe you will see it with time.  Perhaps your friend will point it out to you at the next exhibition.

Alexandra Loesser ~ The Wild

Alexandra Loesser's paintings are rooted in naturalism but convey a new romanticism as they are laced with references to a vanishing world.  The series, “The Wild,” draws inspiration from the animal kingdom and is meant to capture the dichotomy between these creature's connectedness and detachment to us and their own threatened environment. These pieces question the way we label wild animals as savage and dangerous simply because they are unfamiliar. Loesser feels that the truest form of beauty evokes a haunting quality, and it is from this perspective that she draws meaning for her paintings.

“The wild is not kind, but it is just as it should be.”

“Animals have a real, untapped depth to them, and I want my subjects to have beating hearts.