"Don't I Know You from Somewhere", "Bread and Salt", "Air and Water" and "Coming Soon"

Opens August 3, 7pm-10pm | FREE

This August Delurk presents, "Don't I know you from somewhere?" by Parail, "Bread and Salt" by Matt Hooker, "Air and Water" by Jennifer Wynn O'Kelly, and "Coming Soon"


Parail is the collaborative output of professional artists Derek Toomes and Mathew Curran. Heavily influenced by skateboard culture, street art, and urban landscapes, Derek and Mat use a variety of techniques and media —including aerosol and acrylic paints, ink and marker, wheat paste collages, and stencils —to communicate the pleasures and frustrations of contemporary urban life. Their visual style and the medium in which it’s conveyed varies enough that it’s hard to categorize, but there is a definite overall aesthetic consistency. Nearly all of their projects feature rich textures, luxurious colors, elaborate hand-drawn lettering, intricate stencil work, and almost logo-like motifs—a style which both compliments and provides a stark contrast to the grittier side of life in the city. Derek and Mat work on anything from conventional sized canvases, to large installations, to a variety of sculptures. Their work has been featured in various progressive art shows and they been invited to work on an array of collaborative art projects throughout Northern America and Europe

Matt Hooker, hailing from Massachusetts and residing in Charlotte will show a series of portraits that focuses on storytelling. From the artist; Bread and Salt.  I heard as a kid that we only use something like 10 percent of our brains. I pictured this gray sack of goo with one small little chunk lighting up like a homing beacon, the rest of it lying dormant and dark. I remember I was bummed to be equipped with this defective computer. I wondered how I could get more horsepower out of mine. Now I realize that the dormant part isn’t dead at all. It’s just the subconscious mind and it takes a lot from the outside world to make a lasting impression on it. The focus of the recipient has to be on point as well.  The subconscious mind helps us with the things we do that we don’t necessarily “think” about.  It’s also where we store things that really resonate. These people all shoved their thumb right in my subconscious mind’s eyeball.  I painted each one for this show because I’d love to be able to sit and have dinner with them. To share my “bread and salt” and try to explore further the reasons why they made such an impression on me without us ever having met. 

Jennifer Wynn O’Kelly, featured Delurk Partner Artist, Scenic Designer, Lighting Designer, and Art Director; Texas native, and Winston-Salem devotee has spent her life pursuing performance related design while constantly and compulsively producing intimate scale drawings and large paintings in the spaces of time between film assignments and theater productions. This collection; Air and Water is a reflection of recent time spent reuniting with artist friends in boats, balloons, in gardens and on mountainsides.

This Month's Installation, Coming Soon is set to evolve all month with participating artists Dane Walters, Molly Grace Simpson, Jennifer O'Kelly, and Patrick O'Kelly stopping in at random to develop the environment.

The Entire Install is titled: "Coming Soon" and foreshadows a larger more elaborate installation set for the month of February 2013.

Stay tuned for happenings "Coming Soon" Space will be limited so be sure to come early for conversation with the artists. Live performers to include the Film troupe from Traveling Attractions...

Installation Film Credits: Conspiring Carnies Productions presents: "Traveling Attraction" Film Concept: Dane Walters Production Design: Jennifer Wynn O'Kelly Director of Photography: Jerry Cooper Set Dressing: Jennifer O'Kelly, Dane Walters, Patrick O'Kelly Improv Troupe: Molly Grace Simpson, Jennifer O'Kelly, Dane Walters, Keava O'Kelly Fun had by: All