Olga Noes

The Art and Dysfunction of Olga Noes

Floating down a lazy river of beautiful women and acid encrusted dreams, Olga Noes was hatchedas the godchild of filth in a sweeping east Tennessee town located on the outskirts of mischief. Her most prolific hobbies include routine beer drinking, solo dance parties and the ritual of dousing the divine with the atrocious, using pencils and paintbrushes as the viscosity.
A self-taught portrait artist by trade, Olga Noes' primary fuel for creativity is juxtaposition.  The marriage of beauty and tragedy is uniquely appealing to her in prose, paint and life in general.  Her aspiration is to join these two components in all her work, primarily using the female form and portraiture as the medium.

Chad Beroth

Waiting for the Punchline

Artist statement:

"For the moment, the work's going well, but of course my thoughts, always fixed on colors and drawings, continue to go around in a rather small circle.  So I want to live by the day—trying to get from one to the next." - Vincent van Gogh

I’m a student, a fan, and a creator of art.  I see and study art persistently, and I practice my craft daily.  Because I create works in many artistic mediums, formats, and styles and my subject matter varies depending on my surroundings, my life situation, circumstances, and mood, it’s difficult to categorize what I do, or what kind of artist I am, so I typically try to omit the use of constricting titles, categorizations, and artist statements, such as this one here, and when asked, I like to say simply that I’m Chad Beroth.  I’m an artist.  If you’d like to know more about me or what I do, please look at my work—everything you need to know is in there.  Art is what I do.  It’s who I am.  It’s my life.  Sometimes it’s a great life and sometimes I starve like all artists do, but either way, I love what I do, and like Vincent, I’m happy to go around in my small circle, fixed on color, living day by day—trying to get from one to the next.  And thankfully, for the moment at least, the work’s going well.

Molly Grace Simpson

The Agonia

Molly Simpson is slowly beginning to shift her work into the public setting, after keeping it a private diversion for more than fifteen years.

Acting at age two, most of her life’s efforts went into theater studies and performance. Over time, she began to focus on that which highlights human folly and mocks our own personal disasters. She and tended toward forms like melodrama, mask, stock characters, mime, and clown. The desire for traditional stage work shifted toward more avant-garde devised work. Devised work transitioned to street performance. Street performance has led to other things.

Molly is a Pennsylvania-born resident of Winston-Salem. She studied Performance at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, English at City College of New York, and both Theater Arts and Anthropology at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. She is currently working on her Masters at Salem College.


EDX aka Edward Benson

Frames of Reference

This exhibit is a snapshot; a collection of works on canvas, unstrained and in various stages of completion. This Collection spans from 1985-1989 during his Arlington years.

A testament to his drive to work put, in visual form the... blah, blah, blah... either you get it or you should keep looking until at least catch a glimpse of the truth of this visionary Texan who spent the last two decades of his life crafting code, painting, and challenging the status quo in Hong Kong.  EDX could be troublesome, no doubt. He was true to his nature; an artist, an explorer, a friend, a man who knew love.

Click here to see the Catalogue: EDX mini-catalogue

There are more paintings out there, for these are but a fraction of the whole. Manuscripts, drawings, computer languages and everyday items carry evidence of his passing around the globe.  May you be lucky enough to happen upon one.