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Delurk welcomes a new publishing partnership!

Unboxing our second print issue!

Unboxing our second print issue!

Neil Tesh


Time to wake up the neighbors, there's a new kid on the block. Built around the desire to inspire, constantly pushing the bar and striving for greater goals. Here at The Arrival, we believe that art, in all its amazing forms, carries a powerful ability to transform heart, mind, and soul. We bring together polar opposite forces in order to find the perfect balance. Each issue of our magazine is unique, an original creation from a beautiful team of fantastic individuals. Forward thinkers, big-picture planners, and detail-oriented editors, we believe that diversity keeps us grounded and well rounded. Our primary mission with this magazine is to have as much fun designing it as you do reading it. We incorporate written works, visual arts, fashion and style, culinary arts, and anything else that peaks our fancy. The Arrival is dedicated to bringing people together, promoting upcoming artists, and being an inspiration to our readers. We hope that you enjoy what we’ve got hidden in our pages, we sure enjoyed writing it for you. 

Neil Tesh,

Managing Editor.

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Jason Anders,


Our partnership with Delurk in 2016:

The Arrival magazine is thrilled to have partnered with Delurk. We view this as the perfect marriage of two entities; with similar goals in expression and presentation! Our magazine found Delurk a welcoming host; from the ideas and building stages, all the way through to the birth of our first issue spring 2016. They have supported us the entire way as we took our first baby steps in the creation of this magazine. As a collective team, we feel that our expressive efforts, as well as what goes into the creation of each issue, is well showcased in our very first home gallery. Our first home is Delurk Gallery, they have been a tremendous partner for us as we strive to expose the world to the great art and culture that thrives within this city! 

Jason Anders,

Directing Editor.

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