Aaron Gibbons

Aaron uses a combination of found and repurposed objects, extended media, handcrafted and fabricated elements of wood, metal and plastics to create interactive sculptures.  The method, mental processes of fabricating and assembling the correct balance of objects is crucial to the aesthetic.  The process of accumulating found objects and paring them through trial and error is a mental connection that must become physical and appear to be seamless for the artist to feel success.  Memories from the artist’s own unconventional and very optimistic childhood have served as the central point of inspiration in this body of work.  A fascination of how things work led him to tinkering, exploring, designing, building, researching and observing everything that surrounded him, an imagination that never ceased, and often questioned the function of an object, toy or machine, real or created.  In our society, children are conditioned to become linear thinkers, being pressed into a form of ridged guidelines and standards that over time have been accepted.  The artist seeks to answer the question, “Is this really aiding or encumbering the development of kids today”?  A lack of creative stimulus and critical thinking application has lessened the potential that each of us have to be creative thinkers, problem solvers and the next generation of best prepared inventors.  Every child naturally uses their imagination to rationalize concepts and behaviors that they do not comprehend.  Recapturing this childlike imagination reconnects the physical and psychological progress that is experienced in the early life of an individual.  The goal of this exhibition is to challenge the viewer’s perception of everyday objects or components.  By seeing an item or idea in new light and uncommon manner an individual will optimistically see the imagination that inspired these works and make it easy to understand their creative self in a new way.

Aaron Gibbons currently resides in Mount Airy, NC where he is also the elementary art teacher. He attended the University of North Carolina at Asheville with a degree in Art, concentration in sculpture, and Education.


web: aarongibbons.com
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aarongibbons.art